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About Us

Cell City is in Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories,  Phone Repair business since last 20 years, offering the latest mobile phones and exciting accessories. With our continued success down to knowing to what customer and businesses need, and having an extensive range of the best accessories for electronic devices. We at Cell City committed to providing excellent customer service and we aim to provide accurate and useful product advice to our customers.

Our services

  • Cell phone repairs.
  • Sell new and used/pre owned cell phones.
  • Accessories for all makes and models.
  • We buy and trade phones.
  • We do phone unlocking.

We specialize in repair of any cell phone with qualified in-house technicians in repairing cell Phones, iPads, iPods and Tablets. We can fix your device in as little as 15 minutes in Sarnia Surrounding Areas. We also offer a 90 Days warranty on all of our repairs. Our Technicians are specialized in immediate (while you wait) repairs of cell phones, iPads, iPods and tablets. We repair all major brands of cell phones, iPad and tablets: Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, Google, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony, and HTC deliver to customers a swift, quality and standardized service. Whether you need a physical repair, have an issue with software, our skilled technicians are here to help you.

No need to make an appointment to order to get your device repair.
We are walk-in repair store, we do on the spot repair.

All of our repairs are done in-store front of customer.

Cell Phones 

Cell City offers a complete selection of new and used/pre owned cell phones, iPads and Tablets.


We at Cell City offer a wide range of accessories for every makes and models to help you kit out your state-of-the-art cell phone with all the tech you need. In addition to our selection of brand name Accessories Phone cases/covers, Protections, Holsters, Belt Clips, we also offer phone chargers, screen protectors/screen guards, phone batteries, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones so that you have access to all the technology you could want for your phone.

Why Choose Us?

We have the best technicians here at Cell City:

Our technicians are one of the highest qualified in Canada with over 20 years of experience in electronics repairs including Mobile/Cell Phones, iPads, iPods,Tablets.

Completing countless job for our customers, our technicians have become highly trained and proficient in offering a quality repairs. Each of our technicians have years of experience to ensure you get the best solution for your needs, on time and at a great price.

In order to offer the best results for each job, we only used the highest quality parts to complete each repair. We have experience in fixing devices from all the big names from Samsung (Phones and Tablets), Apple (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Huawei, LG, Google, BlackBerry to Sony, and HTC which means we can carry out your job without hiccup. In most cases, we can complete tasks within 15 Minutes while you wait.

We pride ourselves on our superior standard which ensures your phone, iPad or tablet is in perfect working order. For peace of mind, we offer our customers a standard warranty with each service.

Your data is safe:  

Because your phone is repaired in front of you, you can be absolutely sure that the personal data on your phone is safe.

What will be the best protection and other accessories for your devices:

We have been in this business since last 20 years. We know that what will be the Best accessories to protect your devices, and we only carry top quality Brands/Products