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Huawei Cellphone Repair

huawei repair

We pride ourselves on our superior standard which ensures your Huawei Phone is in perfect working order. For peace of mind, we offer our customers a standard warranty with each service. Most repairs can be completed within 20 Minutes While you Wait

Our repair services involves repairing all major parts from Battery Replacement, Broken screen, Broken LCD, Touch Screen Issue, Charging Ports, Camera, Microphone, Ringer, Earpiece, Speaker, Power Button, Volume Button, Home Button, Broken Back Cover, Water Damage, Mother Board Short Circuit and Micro Soldering.

We can also fix software related issues like Data Recovery, Data Transfer, Virus Removal, Software Update, Unlocking, Password Removal In order to offer the best results for each job, we only used the highest quality parts to complete each repair.


Broken Screen

Broken Screen Repair

Cell City is specialized in On The Spot repairing broken/cracked screens on Cell Phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Tablets etc. The best part about our service is that you can just Walk-In and Our In-Store qualified technicians will get your Device back to normal while you wait.

Water Damage

Water Damage Repairing

Did your device go for swim, Spilled coffee or any other liquid on your cell phone/device and NOT TURNING ON? Don't worry, WE WILL FIX IT FAST! And recover your data. Cell City is specialized in fixing water damage cell phones and Offer Board level/circuit Board Repairing for any Water Damage Cell Phones.

Cell Phone Unlocking

Cell Phone Unlocking

Are you locked out of your device, forgot your password?  No problem, Bring it in we will unlock it for you.
Is your device locked to a different service provider? Unlocking a phone is often necessary when your phone is locked to another service provider. You have just finished your contract or you have been given your phone by someone else and it is locked to a different network. We can unlock your device to be used with your desired service providers or any Network provider in the world.

Camera Repairing

Camera Repairing

Miss taking selfies or creating memories with your beautiful family? Is your camera not working or you can't take pictures anymore with your device? just Walk-In and Our In-Store qualified technicians will fix/replace your front or back camera while you wait. so you can continue to capture those beautiful moments that you have been missing.

No Power / Not Turning On

No Power / Not turning on

Is your phone dead and not Turning On? Has it been sitting in the drawer for ages? Don’t panic! Just Walk-In Our In-Store qualified technicians can repair it for you and bring it back to life.

Speaker / Earpiece

Speaker / Earpiece / Ringer

Can't hear the Ringtone when someone is calling.
You can't hear your Loved one through Earpiece and its not loud the way it was? Just Walk-In Our In-Store qualified technicians can repair/Replace it for you and bring it back to life While you Wait.

Micro Phone

Micro Phone

Your Loved one can’t hear you? Need to repair your Micro Phone? WE WILL FIX IT FAST! Just Walk-In our in-Store Qualified Technicians will fix/replace it for you while you wait.

Chargin Port

Charging Port / Home Button

Are you having hard time to charge your device even with new charging cables? We Will Fix It Fast! just Walk-In and Our In-Store qualified Technicians will get your Device back to normal while you wait.

No Power / Not Turning On

Battery Replacement

Does your phone die fast, is your phone not keeping the charge through out the day? Need a battery replacement on your phone. Just Walk-In our in-Store Qualified Technicians can have your Battery replaced while you wait.  

No Signal

No Service / No Signal / Slow speed

Are you missing out on calls due to no service or week signals, there may be a variety of issues affecting your device. Just Walk-In our in-Store Qualified Technicians will examine the phone to find out the culprit and make necessary repairs or replacements to get your phone back in order.